3Hub: S3 Client for Mac OS X

Sorry, 3Hub has been discontinued.


View your Amazon S3 online storage, upload, download, set permissions, share with friends and more. In order to use 3Hub with an S3 account, you'll need to sign up first. If you don't want to sign up for an S3 account, you can still use 3Hub to view other users' public buckets.


  • Manage multiple S3 accounts.
  • Queue files and directories for download or upload.
  • Throttle your download and upload bandwidth.
  • Simulate sub-directories. The folders you create are compatible with other S3 clients.
  • Keep track of other S3 users you want to share files with or give permissions to.
  • Using the "Auto apply" feature, you can automatically set permissions on newly uploaded files.
  • Using the Shares feature, you can share buckets for other 3Hub users, and view files they've shared with you.
  • Rename files.
  • Setup custom Content-Type for files.


  • Bucket to bucket copying.
  • Growl notification support.
  • Set bulk permissions on buckets and files.
  • Create torrent links and temporary URLs that expire.
  • Preview for delete and permission changes.
  • Manage bucket logging, creating buckets in other data centers.
  • Custom headers, set on a file or append headers to a bunch of files.
  • Drag + Drop support (to and from the Finder).
  • Configure bucket for website configuration.


See the documentation.

More questions? Find a bug? See the group.